GIC Show 2017

Our Approach

Everyone talks about being solutions oriented and adding value.  In todays world of Internet clicks and instant gratification we believe it is more important than ever to make sure you are living and breathing those ideals.  Everything we bring to the Canadian market has been selected as industry leading and consistent with our values.  On top of that we'll help you rationalize the differences in value between procuring a product and implementing a solution.  We're there for every step from product design and specification to assembly and implementation.

Our History

Our first acquisition was the assets of DK Walton and Assoc. almost 15 years ago.  They had pioneered the sales agency model or 'sales as a service' in Canada about 25 years prior.  At the start we were purely industrial focussed around the products Metropolitan Wire Canada with a growing base of Healthcare applications.  Several acquisitions later Walton Hallman Assoc became part of a growing group of companies that included interests in retail display, Healthcare IT, Marine parts and accessories, Sailboat importing, delivery and commissioning, assembly and installation services, it can be hard to keep track of where business opportunities have led us.  A core group of long tenured employees has facilitated that success and we are proud to employ most of our 'associates' right up until their retirement, including the original DK Walton who is off cruising somewhere.......

Meet the Team

Our associates are experienced sales and installation professionals backed up by the technical services of our supplier partners.  We're proud of the fact that in today's world of job hopping and contract employees, we've found a formula that retains our associates over the long term and facilitates them achieving their personal and business goals along with ours.

Jamie Hallman BSc MBA

Founder & President


Michelle Alphonso

CEO Imaginex Solutions

CFO Walton Hallman Assoc


Bernard LaSporte

Installations/ Assembly

Partner Amurru Marine


Craig Alward

Regional Manager BC, Alberta

Richard Zuckernick

Regional Manager Healthcare

Ontario, Saskatchewan and Manitoba

Sam Nouri

Regional Manager Quebec/ Maritimes

Rick Bannister

Regional Manager Manitoba/ Saskatchewan

Noah Hallman

CEO Noah Hallman Installations

Undergrad at DeGroot School of Business Macmaster University